4 Products in 1 Device

Revolutionary Scanner

scanPAD uses nanotechnology to flatten and smooth documents. No glass, no reflections, no giant plastic lid. Our patent pending technology works like magic! It makes copying, faxing and scanning a breeze.

Mini Photo Studio

Flip the pad over to isolate a 3D object with BlueScreen technology and composite your image over a different background. It’s the perfect way to take professional photos of products for eBay and online shops.

Overhead Projector

scanPAD lets you easily deliver presentations with your smartphone over a beamer or projector.

The New Home for Your Smartphone

scanPAD is a beautiful hands-free holder for charging, watching movies, video chats, conference calls, or taking a selfie.

scanPAD: The Coolest Scanner Ever

We’ve spent a long time designing a scanning solution that we would love to use. We wanted to make copying, faxing and scanning intuitive and effortless. scanPAD prioritizes your data, and gets rid of the mess. The result is professional-grade scanning in a gorgeous design. scanPAD is the patent pending scanning solution for your smartphone.

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Adolf Seinecke, former Director Finance Apple Europe:

“scanPAD changes the way people digitize documents. If you want an easy-to-use scanning solution instead of a bulky scanner, this might be the gadget you need.”

What our fans are saying:

Why scanPAD?

We always felt that traditional desktop scanners are cumbersome, ugly and complicated. They need a power source, require driver and updates, you need the right technical skills to operate them and most importantly you have to have a computer to use them. Now, there are several scan-apps available, but these software-only solutions never satisfy when it comes to quality and functionality. We wanted to create a device that would enable everyone to scan their treasured memories and all those documents we sometimes need to have with us. It would work with folded and even wrinkled documents. Copying, scanning and sending documents would be intuitive and effortless and one wouldn’t even need a computer to do all this anymore.

Beyond State of the Art

We have wrapped our minds around every detail we could think of. The entire manufacturing process has been designed to create an extraordinary product at an entirely new quality level with a beautiful, minimal design.

scanPAD is made from the same high-quality aluminum used in aerospace design. We use water jet cutting for perfect edges and a complex, multilevel technique to achieve a beautiful surface with a deep brilliance.

We wanted to provide the best user experience possible. Each scanPAD is crafted in Germany and individually measured using laser technology for the highest precision to guarantee exact positioning of the camera.

Selling early 2017